Businesses have long used buzzwords like “equality” and “diversity” to entice talent to join them and to promote an image of themselves as a “modern” organisation. But the question remains: is this genuine?

In recent times we have seen the emergence of a new breed of business professional, one that genuinely believes in the benefits of an equal and diverse workplace. Studies have shown time and time again that a diverse business breeds innovation and an equal workforce encourages growth, and for the first time we have amongst us a generation of workers that truly embody those values.

Building a strong reputation as a business that supports diversity and equality can be

Complicated – while promoting such an image to the outside world may have one effect, without real internal change it may end up being completely meaningless. For a genuine internal reputation of workplace equality, actions most definitely speak louder than words.

There is no way to convince professionals that an organisation supports these values without showing the values in every action that the organisation makes. Supporting BAME staff, being receptive of the needs of female staff, being accepting of trans and non-binary professionals are just some of the ways that a business can make the step from discussing equality hypothetically to fully embodying it.

Developing stringent internal policies to ensure a platform for diversity and equality is of paramount importance. A well-equipped HR department is a godsend for any business looking to ward off liability risk, whether it be related to these issues, or any other facet of the business. It’s all about protecting the business and safeguarding against negative repercussions.

Working alongside talented HR professionals is the quickest way to developing well-rounded assessments and tests to counteract unwanted liability risk. The extensive work of analysis, interviews, and surveys is not something that can easily be picked, and we wouldn’t wish that workload on anyone other than an HR expert who has been specifically prepared for it.

The massive amount of work that goes into each liability risk assessment notwithstanding, the entire process can be a rewarding process for any organisation. Being able to clearly see any deficiencies that exist and hopefully how to resolve them can be quite the cathartic experience. Which is to say, the return on investment is very high, and the peace of mind of not having to worry about the risks is priceless. Some are fearful of allowing such an in-depth review of their organisation’s inner workings, but we believe that those who have nothing to hide will have nothing to fear.

Working with complete transparency has to be the ultimate goal for any successful business, and if the right steps are taken, then the mission and values adopted by a company won’t be mistaken for simply good publicity, but an honest undertaking from a company that actually cares. Aren’t these the companies who will ultimately lead us on the path to change?